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“Hey, I am looking for a good handgun, any recommendations?”  I get this type of question often, especially lately. As people’s fear for the security of themselves and their loved one increases, a means of defense like you get from a firearm, are a reasonable next step.

It would be easy for me to say, “Check out the Glock 19x, the Sig 239, or the Beretta 92.” But that would be a slap on the face to the professionalism I am dutifully responsible of upholding as an affiliate of the USCCA, and as head instructor at WG Bushkraft. The reality is, asking a question like this, is like asking a financial advisor for a great stock pick. Without the complete picture ANY answer would be incomplete and a disservice to the person asking.

So, let me back up and start here. Purchasing a firearm is a very personal experience that should take as much thought by the buyer as one who purchases an automobile. After all, there are as many macro-decisions to make buying a gun as a car, believe me. Feel, performance, comfort, “kick”, complexity, and looks all matter here too!

What is the purpose of the firearm you are buying- defensive, hunting, or target shooting? Rifle, shotgun, or pistol? Are you intending to carry it concealed? If so, do you understand the pros and cons between a semi-auto and a revolver? Any idea on the caliber you are looking at, or do you need help with understanding the differences? What is your budget?

Certainly a really good seller could help narrow things down, but I have a better idea. Spend a few dollars for 1. At least one lesson and 2. A range or instructor that can put different firearms in your hand and allow you to fire them so you can see and feel the differences. YES, you deserve to do this for yourself or you may run the risk of wasting a bunch of money on a firearm that you never fire and never carry. At that point in becomes a dust collector or an actual liability if you try to use it without having familiarity and proficiency.

Imagine someone who has never taken a driving lesson actually going out and buying a Mustang Cobra car and then getting in it and racing another high performance car down a busy road. Ridiculous, right? Well, buying a firearm that you carry around but have never fired and then intend to pull out, perhaps in an intense situation, aim, and fire at the target, with other people or objects around, is as ridiculous.

You get my point. Here is what I ask you to do. Go do some research on what questions you need to answer about the WHY- purpose of owning firearm, intent on use, thoughts around commitment to training, budget, etc. Once you get those close, go to a range that sells guns and shop around there. Spending an hour on the indoor range with some different rental guns they have and a knowledgeable instructor is worth its weight in gold. Coming out of purchase situation with confidence that you bought the right gun and are capable of using it is a great feeling. Taking a class like the ones I offer to help you understand how and WHEN to draw your firearm is one better! See you on the range!


*this is a bushcraft blog, not a published article- so please forgive all grammatical errors 🙂

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