OVERNIGHT WGBK Advanced Scouts: (all others just bring what is in *asterisk) (all equipment available locally or on Amazon)

Knife, Fixed Blade,  (Morakniv, Stainless Steel preferred)

Saw, 7in, (Pocketboy preferred)

*Water Bottle, 32-40oz, 2 each (Stainless Steel, single wall)




*Rain gear (Pants and Jacket)

Rain hat (okay with spraying ball cap with water proofing)

Poncho, military OD grade

Hat, Orange

*Gloves, Protective (sport gloves okay)

*Sleeping bag

*Sleeping pad

*Hiking Boots (water proof)

Water shoes or Sandal (for water crossing)

Protective Glasses

*Flashlight (mini)

Compass (lensatic)

Back pack (50L preferred)

Back packing first aid kit (Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker) is adequate

Socks (2 pair each day, hiking/wool)

*Pants (1 pair, tactical, hunting, hiking), no sweatpants

*Shirt (your choice, avoid 100% cotton)

*Pullover (hoodie, pullover, etc)

IF COLD: Jacket, puffy or fleece + winter gloves + warm hat


WGBK Camps will provide all food and other gear necessary for training. Scouts are welcomed to bring their own Ferro rod fire starters if they wish.