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If you don’t practice this yourself, and teach this to your kids, statistically you increase the likliehood of being a victim by 400%. Don’t think of threats as just people. Think of threats in broader terms as things that can potentially cause you bodily, mental, or emotional harm. A robbery, a fire, and even overexposure to elements are all examples of threats. Victims are often victims because of ignorance and a lack (or even refusal) of preparation. Here’s 5 tips:


  1. HAVE SITUATIONAL AWARENESS- Operate in a permanent state of situational awareness whereas you have an idea of the activities around you, which ones may heighten your focus level, and where you can seek safety. Known as a “sixth sense” for feeling trouble and avoiding it, situational awareness trained until it becomes instinctive can serve you well in all circumstances. Situational awareness also means, “become street smart” so as to avoid areas of potential danger. Taking a longer route to a destination instead of heading down a back alley is an example of this, as is not walking too close to the side of a building, parking garage lane, or other areas of blind spots. You must not only do this for your safety, but if things go wrong and you protect yourself, you will still be left with the prosecutors question of, “what did you do to avoid the situation?”


  1. KNOW HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF- There is no need to be a victim if you can immediately act if caught in an escalated situation. It is when you freeze, ball up, and panic, that you become a statistic. Three to four well-trained defensive drills are better than none, and actually even better than moderately knowing many. Legal carry of defensive tools with the education of when and how to appropriately use them adds to your survivability. You don’t have to carry lethal weapons to protect yourself, and after avoidance, escape should be the goal. Krav maga is good, but so is a proficiency in deploying a good pepper spray, stun gun, or in some cases, firearm.


  1. UNDERSTAND THERE ARE PREDATORS ALL AROUND YOU- Unfortunately there are many people in the world that are programmed to do bad things. All bad people need is an easy target. Don’t be an easy target! How? Be defensively minded. Lock doors (home and car for example). Don’t sit idling in your car in a parking lot- move on!  Again, don’t walk in areas with blind spots but rather give yourself reaction space. Don’t get in your car if parked (driver side) next to a van, rather go in through the other door and lock your car. Don’t go off to help someone “broken down”, call help for them and that’s it. Be smart, because predators are.


  1. KEEP A SURVIVAL KIT IN YOUR CAR- Do this! Store water in your car (a gallon in the trunk works, or smaller bottles if you’re limited on space. A couple of emergency blankets (can be used to block the sun when hot and broken down, or to help maintain body heat if cold and broken down). A 6-hour sterno heater (can be used to create heat and you just need a little ventilation), and have a way to make fire (Bic Lighter(s) will do. Have a can of pepper spray in your car- it’s the most effective non-lethal agent for various threats. Keep an extra blanket or coat in your car. These are the minimums. AAA isn’t always an hour away. Be self-reliant while you wait.


  1. HAVE REACTION PLANS- at home, you should have a fire evacuation plan and a home intrusion plan and know the rules. Fire plans should include where to meet outside after evacuation and inside, have multiple places of escape that exist, or are created (like an escape ladder). Remember, smoke inhalation is your greatest threat in a home fire situation. Intruder plans should include where to take a defensive position while calling 911, and what do to if someone approaches that defensive position. Notice there is no mention here of trying to be a hero in either scenario. Don’t go clearing the house like the movies- you increase your fatality rate by 200%. Rule of thumb around property theft- if you wouldn’t jump into a shark tank to save it, don’t go jumping in to a hostile situation for it. Survival is the goal.

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