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I see it everyday. Someone on Facebook, or on a blog, or in the newspaper, mentioning their efforts of “investing” and building out a “bug out bag”. As I look at the accompanying pictures, there are literally dozens of miscellaneous items intended to be stuffed in some sort of tactical military bag. My mind immediately wanders to a scene of “First Blood”, where John Rambo (Stallone) is in the cold snowy hills of Washington state, being chased by half the para-military and law enforcement world. Yes, in that scene, any tactical bag full of crap certainly seems better than the heavy tarp Rambo finally uses for some comfort. In reality though, most of us won’t ever be in that type of situation, barring a real Zombie Apocalypse or “Red Dawn” type of foreign military invasion.

That said, if one was preparing for such an event- what would you think should be in that bag? Are you skilled in hunting small game, finding potable water, building primitive shelter, or making fire? Do you take medications often, have a physically constraining condition, or will you be travelling solo or with a family? All these questions matter and are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are plenty of experienced “preppers” in the world. There are tons of books, articles, and information on the web on prepping, home defense, survival, food preserving, and more. So, do some simple research and only buy what you think you will need for the conditions you are preparing for- which means you might have several different bug-out bags! If you want to send me the scenario you are preparing for, I’m happy to give you my advice, but know this- it won’t include some ridiculous ninja engraved tomahawk or thin wire “saw”.

For me- if I’m heading into the wild in search of a remote place to call home, and have to hump it on my back, I’m packing smart where every item has a purpose and most have many. I’ve got something for core warmth, multiple socks for extremity warmth, my trusty WGBK 24 kit for optimal 2 pounds of quick grab essentials, my small trusty folding 7” hand saw, my Becker K-Bar knife to handle heavy outdoor tasks, my military e-tool, plenty of water purification methods, my trusty poncho, 550 cord, my survival seed garden, some trapping materials, my .22 rifle, my bear spray, and hundreds of rounds of .22L ammo. Can’t forget some LED lights, some high-calorie protein and carb bars, and first aid kit with some critical meds and a good outdoor handbook focusing on austere medicine. Oh yes, and one last thing- I do like having a small solar charger to keep the phone amped for as long as I’m able to have it- albeit at the end of the day if you want to disappear, you need to trade the phone and credit cards for cash, glasses, and a good hat. Then again- these are my personal preferences. You may have other ideas, and that’s cool. Bottom line- there is no one size fits all bug out bag, so if you are going to have one- be thoughtful, plan ahead, and make sure you can get to it if you really do need to move out quickly. – WG

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