“Some who are thrown to the wolves come out with a fur coat and a full belly” – Craig “WG” Avery

No, we don’t recommend you eat wolf, but the message should be clear. You can thrive where others would fail if you have the right mindset and tools. This is the core of our ethos at WGBK.

Founder of WG BUSHKRAFT, Craig Avery, traces his roots back to a family lineage of the outdoors. Craig’s paternal family is from Lubec, Maine, most famous for being the easterly most town of the United States, and the home of Myron Haliburton Avery (1899–1952), the chairman of the Appalachian Trail Conference from 1931 to his death in 1952 and the first 2000 Miler of the Appalachian Trail.

Craig’s passion for the outdoors carries from his 13 years of military service that spanned roles as an armor crewman, cavalry scout, combat engineer, and Airborne Ranger qualified Sapper officer. Additionally, Craig has spent much of his civilian time engaged in leadership roles for the Boy Scouts of America and as an active bushcraft practitioner and instructor. Currently, Craig is the Wilderness Survival and Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor for BSA, Head Instructor for WGBK, guest instructor for Georgia Bushcraft, a USCCA certified firearms instructor for Concealed Carry, Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals, and Home Defense Fundamentals, and an NRA certified Range Safety Officer.

Following his passion, Craig spends much of his time teaching (and learning), the art and science of bushcraft, or more commonly known as the study of self-reliance and survival skills. Craig’s most recent activity has been giving private bushcraft overnight classes, small group and private firearms training (See Training), getting back into fly fishing, and becoming more proficient with the Longbow.